Where to buy Original USANA Products?

There a lot of illegal / unauthorized online USANA products, According to the rules of USANA, the products can’t be sold via auction sites and unauthorized websites. USANA products can be only bought from a USANA website, Authorized USANA distributors (ask for their ID, you can crosscheck with the office), and Directly from the USANA office.

If you buy from an unauthorized distributor/seller there will be a high chance that it might be tampered (expiration date and QR code) or could be fake!

Link: Tampered USANA Products

There’s a reason why they’re selling it below “at cost price”, these are the few reasons:

  1. They are tampered
  2. It’s almost expiring
  3. the distributor can’t sell it (lack of skills)

Remember, if a distributor can’t sell the product, he/she can return it back to the office (terms and conditions). This is the good thing about a legitimate network marketing company, they have a 30 day return on their products.

Buying from these type of sellers are hurting the brand and other distributors. If you find a USANA product that cost 30-50%  less than it’s retail value. (Cellsentials 1500 PHP or 30 US$) If it’s too good to be true, and it’s really too good to be true. The company won’t be liable if you in take tampered USANA Products. Better be smart with your health. Don’t risk it.

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