What to expect when you start taking USANA Nutritionals?

Start something new!

Starting something new is usually uncomfortable at first, but when you do it everyday it becomes your new comfort zone. Taking care of your health usually starts when you’re feeling something different in your body, but that concept is wrong, you should fill your body with good nutrients when your body is at its peak to sustain optimum performance in the long term.

When you start taking USANA supplements, you’ll feel the effect of it immediately. Wanna know why? Well, it’s because USANA Supplements are scientifically advanced nutritional products developed to help provide the best nutrition throughout all the life stages.

However, there are some cases wherein people are feel something unusual when they try taking these wonderful supplements, and that means that they’re going through a significant dietary change. Please keep in mind that these supplements are extremely potent and formulated to provide optimal levels of nutrients that the body has never had before. Therefore, the body is celebrating as it is finally equipped to rid itself of toxins, which have been accumulating for years. It is important to understand the different possible body reactions of detoxification so that you can deal with them confidently and properly.

USANA Supplements vs Free Radicals

USANA Supplements are designed to neutralize excess free radicals and to clear toxins from the body. Initially, some people experience a generalized aching, dull headache, and maybe, some fatigue. This is a temporary effect and will soon go away. If the symptoms are mild, I encourage the user to continue through this time because this type of patient often seems to have the best response to the Nutritionals.


Healing effects

If you’re feeling some headaches, that’s a sign that you’re not eating a lot for breakfast or you’re taking lots of coffee in the morning. Either you eat the right amount of food and lessen the coffee, or just take the USANA supplements after lunch, which is usually a big meal.

Headaches during the first week of usage signifies an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain and the eyes, and is a sign of increased positive activity.


If you’re feeling sleepy when taking these supplements, take it after your last meal before sleeping. Sleepiness is usually a healing reaction for the liver since the liver repair is only done when you are truly rested. This is a good thing because the liver is the busiest organ in creating, transforming, storing, cleaning, and regulating all important metabolites in the body every single day.

If you’re experiencing lose bowel movement or watery stool, acute skin rash, watery eyes, and other unusual secretions, your body is undergoing a power cleanse! This is actually a good thing and common within the first week of usage.  It is amazing how powerful micronutrient and antioxidant supplementation creates immediate improvement in waste assimilation, and disposal of the body. Imagine what your body has been missing all those years!

In summary, USANA Supplements can help your body to feel younger. There’s a saying “You are what you eat“, but I believe a better way of saying it, “You are what you absorb“. When you feed your body trash, you’re going feel tired and sad, but when you feed your body good nutrition, you’re going to feel happy inside and out. Take your USANA Supplements and share it to your friends.

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