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USANA Essentials, if you’re looking for a review from a user perspective, you’re in the right page!


Since 2011, I was running 5km races up to marathons (42km), I was training hard everyday, even on weekends. While I was doing my research, I found out that most top performing athletes use nutritional supplements. Because of that, I got interested to know the best supplements in the market. I was using a local brand of vitamins and it was targeting athletes promising to boost performance. I was getting these vitamins at a lower cost since we have a family friend who works in that company.

tj running
Running a 5k race

I have no idea about nutritional supplements or any criteria for choosing the best. Since I watch TV, I just buy the most advertised products. Until one day, I was introduced to USANA, a direct selling company from the US. I was really skeptic since I was introduced to other companies, and I thought that they’re just all the same – a scam! BUT I WAS WRONG. It’s backed up with science and research, not just marketed through celebrity endorsements.

USANA Essentials
USANA Essentials


The first time I tried the USANA Essentials in 2013, I experienced the best sleep ever! However, I was having coughs at the same time, and it seemed to worsen. Later on, I found that it was a healing effect since I was releasing the toxins in my body. After a few weeks, I felt better – no more coughs, better sleep, and the best part, better bowel movement.

USANA Mega anti-oxidant
USANA Mega anti-oxidant

After a few years of using USANA Essentials, I feel that I’m the best version of my self; I can do more with more energy and less chances of getting sick.

USANA Chelated Mineral
USANA Chelated Mineral

I highly recommend USANA to all people who value their health, because with USANA you get true health. Its flagship product, the USANA Essentials is one that speaks for itself! According to a third party research published in Nutrisearch, USANA Essentials got a  5 star rating compared to thousands of products worldwide

No wonder that more than 2000++ top elite athletes uses USANA.

usana atheletes

Together with Essentials, I’m taking these supplements too:

If you want to feel life changing benefits for your body feel free to send a message: +63 917 891 9589. I can even hook you up with a Dietitian to help you sort out your nutrition needs.

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Disclaimer: Products are not meant to cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or ailment. Home Remedy products are for prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiency, not any disease.


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  1. My Son is 16 years old and he always get sick that’s why I get so worried about his health do you think at his age it’s ok to give him this vitamins.?

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