How to get a big discount with USANA Products?

We all know that getting sick is more expensive than preventing disease, but sometimes we think that USANA products are expensive and it won’t fit our budget. Buying repacked vitamins as a solution is technically illegal since it’s already tampered. And buying very low USANA priced vitamins from online auction sites are illegal too since there are reports that they get tampered or fake products.

authenic usana vs fake usana

But don’t worry there is still a way to save or get a big discount with USANA products:

welcome page

For new or existing users of USANA products and want to save as much as 30% from SRP Price just click here and create a free account with USANA. You read that right! it’s FREE. If you’re having some trouble, just send me a message at

Please take note that you need the following details to sign up as a preferred customer.

  • Name
  • Address with zip code
  • Birthday
  • Email
  • Contact number (remove the zero, eg. 917XXXXXXX)

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