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I heard about this product a few years ago back when I thought that this USANA business has a fishy business model. But now that I understand how the business works, I also got learn and see first hand how the products really help clients improve their health conditions as well as their day-to-day lives.

Before taking USANA Biomega, I wasn’t taking any fish oil supplement since I heard that it has a bad after taste. Particularly when you burp, you can sense that fishy smell. However when I tried USANA Biomega, I was surprised that it didn’t have the same unpleasant smell and taste; Even when you pop the gel capsule and squeeze the oil onto your tongue, it wouldn’t taste or smell fishy at all. Wanna know the secret behind it? It’s the lemon extract!  I was amazed that even for a simple problem, USANA looks for a solution for it.

Now let’s look at the quality! We know for a fact that not all supplements are created equal. There are lots of sources of Omega 3, but what’s the best source? According to studies, small clean fish like sardines, anchovies, and mackerel are the best sources. Wanna know why? Research shows that most pollutants occur at the upper depths of the ocean, which means bigger fish species contain higher levels of toxins and heavy metals like mercury and lead; Therefore, fish oil sourced from these are not safe to take for the long term.

USANA has it’s own a fishery that uses sustainable practices and renewable sources that ensures that the raw materials are controlled, clean and safe to use. [On a side note, did you know that USANA is part of the Green movement that promotes environmental sustainability? It’s true! The whole 3 hectares of the USANA headquarters in Salt Lake City runs on renewable energy and is surrounded by  beautiful low-maintenance landscaping to also save on water! How fantastic is that!]

usana green

Now that we know where it comes from, how do we know that it’s really pure? For the most part, any supplement on the market these days has been purified within standards that are acceptable to USP (United States Pharmacopoeia). Some, however, may fail to meet standards set by the more rigorous Prop 65 in California. A 2011 Consumer Reports study found that about 27% of supplements tested had levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) that would require a warning label under Prop 65. USANA’s product falls well below Prop 65’s allowable levels of PCBs and meets global industry standards – which means it is very safe for you and me.

And lastly, comparing potency, you must check the labels. The National Institutes of Health recommends that healthy adults get 650 mg per day of DHA+EPA. Even higher levels have been shown effective for protecting heart health, which is why a daily dose of USANA’s BiOmega contains 1050 mg of EPA+DHA (1200 total omega-3 fatty acids) in a daily dose of two gelcaps. Compared to another brand from a popular bulk/warehouse store, which contains only 300 mg of omega-3s in a daily dose, USANA’s product is four times as potent.

biomega comparison

On the side, I saw this video spreading around the internet. it’s called the fish oil styrofoam test. It just shows that USANA Biomega can “melt” those concentrated fat on your blood stream.

during styrofoam test
after 3 minutes
after styrofoam test
after 5 minutes

I’m convinced that with all of the studies and facts that this is the best omega 3 supplement in the market! I’ve been taking USANA Biomega since I learned about the benefits that I’ve been missing. It’s so safe and beneficial that it’s recommended to pregnant women. There’s also a kids version of Biomega, called USANA Biomega Jr.

USANA’s BiOmega™ fish-oil supplement contains a concentrated dose of two important omega-3 fatty acids—eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)—plus vitamin D. Studies have shown incorporating these nutrients into a healthy diet to be effective in supporting mental sharpness, muscle strength and recovery after exercise, joint health, and cardiovascular fitness.*

Need another reason to up your omega-3s? Preliminary research has shown that combining fish oil intake with regular exercise has been shown to be more supportive than exercise alone for helping reduce body fat and supporting metabolic health.*

BiOmega can help improve the following conditions:

  • Cellular function
  • Balanced immune response
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Brain and nerve activity
  • Eye health
  • Healthy pregnancies
  • Joint and exercise recovery

If you wanna know more about USANA Biomega, click here.

Biomega Jr. for kids age 4-14
Biomega Jr. for kids age 4-14

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