Rev 3 Energy booster Review 

Rev 3 Energy surge pack!

This product is amazing! If you want to feel an instant energy boost or you want to have a better performance try this product. But anything else, before you try this product, check out my review about Rev 3.

The first time I saw this product was in December 2013, I was really intrigued about this drink since it has a low sugar, low carb, and zero sodium. Comparing Rev 3’s competition in terms of energy drinks or energy boosters. It has no sodium, that’s pretty amazing if you know what sodium does to your body. And Rev 3 has non of those crash and burn side effect because of one special ingredient.

rev 3

No matter how intrigued I was with Rev 3, I wasn’t able to try not even one. Since that day I was really interested to try one Rev 3, until one day, when I was in our convention in 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah, on of my mentors, Rich Tan, handed me a Rev 3 in a can. I was really excited to try one out. I opened the can, and I heard that *pssst* sound from the can, I can feel the coolness of the can fresh from the fridge. Once I tasted the Rev 3, I felt that instant energy from the can.

Rev 3 in the Philippines

Rev 3 entered here in the Philippines a few years back, and it came in the surge pack version. The packing is just straight simple, inside a small pack of sachet is a powdered form of Rev 3. Just add water and it feels like you took the same Rev 3 energy in a can without the extra fizz (since this one isn’t carbonated).

I highly recommend this product for people on the go specially for those people who don’t want to experience that “crash and burn” feel. If you’re going for a long drive, finishing some work, or you just want to feel energized. Try this product!


100ml-200ml Water, add one (1) sachet of Rev 3 Surge Pack.

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