USANA Proflavanol C100 Review

This is my review on USANA’s Proflavanol C100! If you’re looking for a review on the USANA Essentials click here. In my review with the USANA Essentials, I mentioned the reason why I started using USANA Essentials and why should you too. Now we’re going to talk about USANA’s Proflavanol C100.

Why take Proflavanol C100?

If you sneeze every morning, there’s a high chance you have allergic rhinitis.
If you have mouth sores, bleeding gums, or you get easily bruised, you might have vitamin C deficiency.
If you have chest pain with irregular heartbeat, you need to have a check up with a doctor. That could be a sign of a heart weakening!

Having vitamin C deficiency can lead towards – high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, stroke, and certain cancers.
If you want to slow down aging and look young for your age. Then I highly recommend that you try Proflavanol C100

What are the benefits you can get from Proflavanol C100

There are some effects of Proflavanol C100 that you can automatically feel, and some effects are for long term.

grapes seed

The first time I tried Proflavanol C100, I felt its sweet coating that smells and taste like grapes. (if you don’t like grapes, don’t worry it’s just sweet). I discovered how powerful Proflavanol C100 is as an alternative to antihistamine for people who have allergic reactions. When I was staying abroad, I usually eat quinoa as a rice alternative. It was all normal. but when I forgot to take Proflavanol C100 and I ate quinoa, I was having a hard time swallowing my food. I didn’t mind it since it didn’t happen to me before when I was eating quinoa.


I was curious if there are people who are allergic to quinoa, and I was surprised that it is true and I was one of them. I was even more curious why I didn’t experience that allergy response before and now I’m experiencing it. Then I realized that I wasn’t able to take my Proflavanol C100. In that moment, i felt how great Proflavanol C100 helps me with my allergy with quinoa. I think it works well also with people with asthma and usual inflammation problems.

high blood

For people who have high blood pressureProflavanol C100 helps you clear the fatty build-up in your arteries. The combined effect of vitamin C and vitamin E, together with other phytochemicals, keep elasticity in your blood vessels. This helps you naturally manage high blood pressure.

More Benefits!

Taking Proflavanol C100 also helps your body absorb more minerals, lower the risk of gout, and helps cancer patients recover faster than usual; The best reason why you should take Proflavanol C100 is that it helps with your physical performance. If you want to do more, you got to be more.

I found out that most people are taking vitamin C and vitamin E separately. However, studies found that it is more beneficial to take vitamin C and E together – in one tablet, that’s Proflavanol C! The science behind that is it’s made with USANA’s Patented Hybrid Technology. With the best science, nothing beats USANA with it’s guaranteed high quality manufacturing process with world class vitamins for worldwide consumers.

Together with Proflavanol C100, I’m taking these supplements too:

If you want to feel life changing benefits for your body feel free to send a message: +63 917 891 9589. I can even hook you up with a Dietitian to help you sort out your nutrition needs.

Proflavanol C100 contains 56 tablets in a bottle

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Disclaimer: Products are not meant to cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or ailment. Home Remedy products are for prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiency, not any disease.


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