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BiOmega Jr. – Fish oil for kids

Smart Nutrients for Growing Bodies
EPA, DHA, and vitamin D are especially important for growing brains and bodies. Why?

  • Brain cells are hungry for essential unsaturated fatty acids, which can only come from the diet, in order to keep functioning at their best. Essential fatty acids — especially DHA — also support proper brain development, which may impact mental functions such as memory, learning ability, concentration, behavior, and mood.*
  • Low plasma levels of DHA and EPA have been associated with impaired cognitive development in children.*
  • Omega-3s support healthy eye development and visual acuity.*

Vitamin D supports cellular health and calcium absorption to help build strong bones and teeth.*

A Smart Choice for Kids

A 2009 study published in the Journal of Nutrition estimated that nearly 90 percent of children consume less than the 351mg of EPA/DHA per day recommended by American Dietician Association and the Dieticians of Canada. BiOmega Jr. is a smart solution to help your child get some of the essential fatty acids he or she needs, because one-half of a packet (a daily dose for kids 12 and under) delivers 325mg!

BiOmega Jr. is a smart choice for kids for a number of other reasons, too:

Mom and child mix BiOmega Jr. in yogurt

  • Kids love the creamy “goo” — it tastes great and can be eaten straight from the packet or mixed with cold, creamy foods like yogurt. In our in-house taste test, the orange-pineapple flavor was the most popular!
  • The unique delivery system also provides excellent bioavailability.
  • The quality of the ingredients. Many children’s products are loaded with corn syrup or sugar. BiOmega Jr. is sweetened with Stevia and natural flavors.
  • Did we mention the added vitamin D? It’s not just a little bit, either. Each half-packet supplies 500 IU of vitamin D!

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Smart runs in the family. You have BiOmega for you. Now you can get all the perks of fish without the pouts for your kids, too! Give them BiOmega Jr. and you will both be happy you made such a smart choice!

Why BiOmega Jr.?

As we have seen, omega-3 fatty acids are a key component in getting a child off to a smart start, but are often missing from children’s diets. A quality supplement like USANA’s BiOmega Jr. can make it fun and easy for kids to get the DHA and EPA they need for healthy bodies without taking a supplement full of added sugar. Unlike many popular brands that supply only small amounts of omega-3s, BiOmega Jr. provides an efficacious amount of highly absorbable DHA and EPA in a delectable orange flavoured creamy gel with no fishy taste or after-taste. BiOmega Jr. also supports overall good health.

Packaged in single-serve packets, children will lovehaving their very own packet of BiOmega Jr. as a treat every other day. Parents will love the convenience of single serves – to hand out easily and to carry around
even when away from home.

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