Beware of TAMPERED USANA Products on Shopee, Lazada, etc. [UPDATED 2020]

Buying from online auction sites is not safe! Specially if the price is below distributor price.

If you think about it, if you’re getting your products at a lower cost, say less than 40% than the usual price, it may sound too good to be true, and you’re right. There’s a high chance that you’re buying a tampered product.

Buying products at a lower cost, may save you a few hundreds, but you may discourage the legitimate distributors that entrust their family’s goals and dreams to USANA.

Take note that we can give discounts, but always think about the time and effort we’ll go through just to get and deliver your orders to you.

Paying a few pesos for a delivery fee is better than being stuck in traffic going to and from the office and waiting in line for 20-40 mins to pick up your orders.

“It’s better to pay for convenience than experience inconvenience”


Based on the rules, associates can’t sell on buying and selling sites.

Also, stated here that there is a limit on the price, you can’t sell it below the preferred price. (for preferred price send me a message +63 917 891 9589)

RESELLERS CAN’T SELL THE CELLSENTIALS BELOW XXXX PHP, any products below the preferred price gets a negative income from the sale.

Please help us in maintaining the integrity of our company by supporting #LEGIT distributors.


  • USANA Philippines Independent Distributor
  • USANA Genuine Products
  • ACE Corner Health

authenic usana vs fake usana

NEVER BUY from any Lazada or Shopee shops for your own protection. Availing tampered products will remove any product guarantee from USANA.

You SHOULD ask for an ID to confirm the legitimacy of the distributor and the safety of your purchase. Also, only legit distributors has a USANA Website,

YOU have been educate, now buying from unauthorized sellers thru Lazada and Shopee is breaking the Philippine’s Law and Regulation on ensuring the safety of the public.

If you’re planning to order our products send me a message at +63 917 891 9589

Get huge discounts when you sign up as a preferred customer for FREE at www.amorado.usana.comj

or check more details about USANA at

** if you buy USANA products in shoppee, lazada, or other online auction shops you are supporting people who can destroy other people’s dreams with the USANA business.

Share this to your clients and also to other distributors. ✅

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