About TJ

Early life and education

Don Bosco Sta Mesa – Manila

Don Bosco Technical College

De La Salle University – Manila


Art Curator | New York, New York | 2010

Freelance Web Developer | New York, New York | 2011

SAP Consultant – Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions | Makati, Philippines | 2011 – 2013

Chief Operating Officer – Royal Chimney Cakes and Pastries Inc. | Mandaluyong, Philippines | 2012 – 2014

Executive Director – Sync IT Services | Mandaluyong, Philippines | 2014 – 2018

Uber Operator | Mandaluyong, Philippines | 2014 – 2017

Distributor – USANA Health Sciences | Makati, Philippines . Singapore, Singapore . Jakarta, Indonesia . Salt lake City, Utah, USA | 2013 – Present

Awards and recognition

DLSU, Dean’s Lister, 2006-2010

USANA, Gold Director, 2016

USANA, Top 1 Active Associate Enroller, 2016

USANA, Success Camp 2016 Qualifier, 2016

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Income Earner, 2016

USANA, Top Quarterly Growth, 2017

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Income Earner, 2017

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Gold Director, 2017

USANA, Leadership Summit Qualifier, 2018

USANA, Million Peso Achiever, 2018

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Income Earner, 2018

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Gold Director, 2018

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Active Associate Enroller, 2018

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Income Earner, 2019

USANA - GameChangers, Top 1 Gold Director, 2019

USANA - in10ct, Top 2 Preferred Customer Enroller, 2019

Personal life

TJ started as an SAP Consultant in one of the biggest IT consultancy business in the Philippines and on the side was a running coach and athlete. While working, he realized that there’s something outside work where in he can learn and earn more at the same time.

He started to venture into business while working. He tried different kinds of businesses from selling food to selling IT Softwares. While still looking for that perfect business that will fit for his budget and time, he start reading business books like Rich dad, Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki; and different books about stocks, real estate, and financial literacy.

TJ become interest in the idea of financial literacy, and learned the idea that if you trade your time for money, you’ll stay poor. Now desperate to become rich, he was aggressive in looking for ways to earn more. He asked for some advice from his college friend on business. And from that point he was introduced to USANA; with all of the negativity on network marketing, he just trusted his friend to do the business on the side. At that time TJ realized the significance of 2 things – Time and Leveraged Income. Time is our biggest asset and since we are all on this earth for a limited time, we need to take action immediately. Leveraged Income, is when money works for you not the other way around. TJ is now one of the top Directors of USANA that has allowed him to achieve his goal’s for himself and his family.

Today, TJ’s business has allowed him to help thousands of people across the world. He is focused in building an organization and developing people who will gain personal wealth while having true health as well. This allowed him to expand his social network through the travel needed for his business. It gave him and his family the opportunity to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Associated people