2020 – Happy new year! Happy new Decade!

It seen a bit late, but I want to greet you a happy new year, and a happy new decade! Time flies very fast, if you have a Facebook account before 2010, you’ll see your old photos. You might not like it or love it but it was you. During the 2010’s i’m pretty sure it changed you a lot. Not just through our looks but in our decisions as well.

10 years – Still wearing shorts

1 Decade timeline (2010 – 2019)

2010 – It was my last year as a college student, finishing my IT Management Degree and trying to get rid of my excess belly fat.

2011 – Started running and choosing the right food, lost a few pounds. Started my IT Career with SAP (3 years contract)

2012 – Started to compete in running, winning some races. I started my first business with a few friends (it failed lol). I worked most of my time at Subic, Zambales. First Marathon (42km)

2013 – I started to be interested in earning more income, so I was looking for a business. I started to invest in the Stock market for the long term. (if you want to learn the basics let me know). I Started my HIGHEST PROFIT BUSINESS with just 38k ($700).

2014 – Stopped running due to injury (no strength and conditioning), Ended my IT Career with my first job. Started to do a transport business (earned well in the first 3 months).

2015 – First full year of not being employed, Running a few businesses left and right.

2016 – Started to focus on my highest earning business, it took off from this point. Sold my transportation business. Got my first Sports Car!

2017 – Started a fitness center business along Shaw blvd, Mandaluyong.

2018 – Got a free trip to Korea, Proposed to my girlfriend in Nami Island.

2019 – Got Married in Tagaytay.

2020 – I Moved to a new home with my wife.

2020 Just started…

Probably your planning to start a business, or a side business while keeping your full-time job. Or you just want to take charge of your health.

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We don’t need to wait for another year to change, we could change in an instant. Just be consciously doing it every day.

It was said that changing takes a minute or a second, but deciding to change takes time.