Can you earn money thru USANA? Is it a Scam? Pyramiding Scheme?

To clear up things first, I’ve been with USANA since 2013 and been doing it seriously since 2016.

So first question, is it a scam? to provide you a definition of a scam

“A scam is an illegal trick, usually with the purpose of getting money from people.”

A scam can occur in any industry, from finance, manufacturing and sales. In fact there are lots of scams thru email and websites that catches easy targets. A simple scam for example is buying a product, and upon payment, you get a fake or tampered product. Sounds familiar with online auction sites right? Another scam is where in you get a low quality product in exchange with your hard earned money. Example: Buying a shirt that would only last for a few laundry cycles. Another example: Regularly buying carbonated sugar drinks that could lead you to some degenerative disease. In short, you can be scammed by any product or service that exchanges your money to a lower valued item/service.

Answering the question if USANA as a company is a scam, I can say that based on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) standards, they’re very strict in terms of the integrity of a public company with all of the financial documents are open for viewing. if you want to check USANA’s financial record you can check them out at

USANA as a company isn’t a scam.

Next question is USANA as a product is a scam? If you’re trying to look for scientific studies and research about how the product works in effect to human interaction. You can search for yourself at USANA products are labeled as a Prevention and Treatment of Vitamin and Mineral deficiency. As per value for money, why pay for something “with no approved therapeutic claims” if you can get the best value at the most affordable cost.

USANA as a product isn’t a scam.

Next question is USANA a pyramid scheme? to clear this topic, let’s dig down what a pyramid structure is and a pyramid scheme is. A pyramid structure is a standard structure for corporate or business organizations. The people who are at the top are leaders that gets paid by their value to the organization. For corporate definition of “value” is the amount of revenue you give back to the company. For USANA, they use the binary compensation plan. it means that you get paid by number of products you and your team sells. It’s not true with USANA that the people who gets to join the organization gets the big money. I met a few people who joined the company after 20 years running and still manages to get the top earner spot because of hard work, determination, and leadership skills.

A pyramiding scheme is a type of scam where in people who joins are paying the people at the top thru a joining fee. There is a 8 point checklist to check if the company is a scam or pyramid scheme.

  1. Is there a product?
  2. Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on registration/entry fees?
  3. Is the intent to sell a product not a position?
  4. Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?
  5. If recruitment were to be stopped today, will the participants still make money?
  6. Is there a reasonable product return policy?
  7. Do products have fair market value?
  8. Is there a compelling reason to buy?

If the answer to all the questions is YES, then the company being evaluated is a legitimate company. But if the answer is NO, then there is a high probability that it is a pyramid scam.

To answer the 8 point test.

  1. USANA is a product centric business that focuses on the quality of products.
  2. USANA has no membership fee or joining fee.
  3. USANA is not a get rich quick scheme and it’s not about the position. Success with USANA depends on you.
  4. Personal experience, I was the top associate enroller in 2016. and I wasn’t the top income earner of the company.
  5. In terms of recruitment of new business builders if it stops it doesn’t matter. the only way that the associate will earn is thru products
  6. USANA has it’s 30 day return policy
  7. USANA products has the highest quality in the market
  8. For people who are deficient in micronutrients will be needing this high quality product.

All answers from the 8 point test can be also found in the business development kit for business builders.

To answer if you can make money with USANA? The answer is yes! You can earn a few dollars in retail and earn big in building and leading an organization of users, retailers and business builders.

If you’re planning to earn with USANA, you can sign up for free here and choose Distributor.

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How to get a big discount with USANA Products?

We all know that getting sick is more expensive than preventing disease, but sometimes we think that USANA products are expensive and it won’t fit our budget. Buying repacked vitamins as a solution is technically illegal since it’s already tampered. And buying very low USANA priced vitamins from online auction sites are illegal too since there are reports that they get tampered or fake products.

authenic usana vs fake usana

But don’t worry there is still a way to save or get a big discount with USANA products:

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For new or existing users of USANA products and want to save as much as 30% from SRP Price just click here and create a free account with USANA. You read that right! it’s FREE. If you’re having some trouble, just send me a message at

Please take note that you need the following details to sign up as a preferred customer.

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