EcoTouring – Foldable Electric Scooter Review

Looking for EcoTouring Electric Scooter review?

I’m not an expert, but I’ll just share what I experience using it.

Let’s start with some basic details

  • Weight: 40lbs or 18kg
  • Brakes: Dual Disk brake – front and back
  • Motor: 600w 48v brushless motor
  • Tires: 10 inch pneumatic tires
  • Battery: 18ah Lithium ion battery
  • Charing time: 5-6 hours (up to 7 hrs for full charge from empty)
  • Weight capacity: 125kg
  • Suspension: Front and Back
  • Max Speed: 40-50kph (50kph by experience)
  • Max Distance: 80-90km (Haven’t gone that far, but I think this distance would work if it’s in the 1st gear / speed)
  • Front lights and back break light
  • Electric horn

Some Extra Quirks:

  • Built-in bluetooth speakers (le vluetooth devize iz ready to fair)
  • Anti theft alarm system with remote

My scooter inside my gym in mandaluyong, EKS friendly lol.

So at first glance, it looks like a Fast E-Scoot Version A+ or S of Double D Hitech. It has almost the same specs! Anyway, I got a scooter just to escape the heavy traffic in manila, specially in makati. Since I got this scooter i’ve been using it almost everyday from errands to going to work. I previously own a 2nd hand EcoReco which I use for only 10miles, I returned it back since it has battery problems, and thankfully I bought it from someone who’s easy to talk to.

Anyway, Back to the review of the EcoTouring, for those who wants to try out their scooter, just message them. They’re very accommodating and easy to talk to also. I set a schedule with them to try out their scooter and I got a fast response. So I was able to try it out in the afternoon the same day.

The EcoTouring e-scooter uses a finger throttle, it’s easy to use, just turn it on, ride and pull the throttle then off you go. You’ll feel the instant power when you pull it, so just be careful. I’ve been using this scooter for almost a month, I didn’t get any problems using it. I only get lots of attention bringing it to the office lol. The suspensions really do it’s job in making your ride comfortable, specially here, we have lots and lots of pot holes. So having a pneumatic tires and suspensions is a big factor. Fill up your tires with a sealant so that it will prevent those tire accidents on the road.

For the question of portability, it’s easy to carry, IF you can easily carry a 40lbs or 18kg object. If not, you probably need a grab bar so you can carry it easier, but still the weight doesn’t change. you need to workout those muscles and practice carrying heavy objects. LOL. or you can just stroll the scooter on it’s wheels. Also this scooter doesn’t fit in my car’s trunk (Mazda Miata), so this scooter becomes my passenger when I need to bring it somewhere.

It has 3 gears or speed option.

  • 1st gear goes up to 20kph
  • 2nd gear up to 35kph
  • 3rd gear up to 50kph

Speed depends on your weight. I weigh 59kg or 130lbs.

According to the person where I bought my scooter, you don’t look at the battery bars since it doesn’t move.  You should look at the voltage, it’s full charge is at around 54 volts, and I need to. charge it when it goes down to 43-44 volts.

Light switch and horn on the left side of the bar.

Double disk break and suspensions.

Safety lock for the stem

Charging port:

I just made this sticker. lol. Thanks to my neighbour lol.

Folded mode:

Strolling mode for malls and offices

In summary, I can say that it’s an affordable scooter for a mid range level. Totally worth it, Highly recommended if portability (carrying it)  is not your concern. Remember to wear a helmet, and if you’re going to fall off your scooter, fall gracefully. lol. See you on the road!



  • 3 months on specific parts
  • 6 months service warranty

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